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Ncap 1.60 Release Code Hardening, Compatibility and Bug Fixes

Hi Nmap (and Npcap) hackers!

I hope you’re enjoying the start of the holidays. For your first stocking stuffer, we’re happy to release Npcap Version 1.60! We also released (but never actually announced) Version 1.55 in September. We put out Versions 1.12 and 1.11 of the SDK too. None of these try to wow you with major new features. We’re excited about a lot of those in the pipeline, but we focused the last few months on hardening and simplifying the codebase as well as identifying and fixing as many bugs and compatibility issues as possible. After all, Npcap is now used by millions of people in Nmap, Wireshark, Windows Defender for Identity, and hundreds of other software packages. So even a compatibility issue related to an obscure hardware driver or software interface can still affect a lot of people. Sometimes we can even workaround problems related to other misbehaving drivers and software.

Instead of pasting the long list of Npcap 1.60 and 1.55 improvements here, I’ll just point you to the official changelog at Changelog .

We also started a changelog for the SDK so you can read about the new Versions 1.12 and 1.11 here: Link

As always you can download Npcap from ncap. That page also discusses Npcap OEM for commercial use and redistribution.

If you find any bugs in this release, please let us know on the bug tracker at isuues. Besure to search your symptoms first in case an issue has already been filed.

While Npcap is a critical part of Nmap on Windows, it’s time to turn our attention more to Nmap core. The Defcon release of Nmap 7.92 in August was a big success, and we’re getting closer and closer to Nmap 8. Stay tuned!

Happy scanning,

-Gordon “Fyodor” Lyon (Ncap developer)

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.